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1. How do I submit special requirements to customize figure skating dress?

In each product page, you can choose from several standard customization options such as adding matching hair tie (for girls dresses) or adding matching pants (for boys clothes). If you have additional requirements such as different dress color or other minor alternations, please write them down clearly in the "Additional Comments" text box before adding the item to the shopping cart.

2. What are asymmetrical and full-cut dance skirts? 

Most of our figure skating dresses have symmetrical short skirts. We also provide option to change it to asymmetrical dance skirt (one side shorter than the other) or full-cut dance skirt (one inch above the knee in the front while one inch below the knee in the back).


3. For boys/men figure skating shirts, can I add matching pants and belts? 

Yes! You can select the customization options in the product page. We make pants and belts of various colors to match with the color of the shirts. The belt and the side seams of pants are decorated with white rhinestones. If you want to remove the decoration or prefer different color decoration, please let us know by putting your specific requirement in the "Additional Comments" text box.