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1. How do I measure correctly for figure skating dress/costume?

We can't emphasize enough the importance of getting the correct size measurements from you to ensure the dress fits well. 

Please refer to the blew how-to-measure chart to obtain the required measurements: Bust; Waist; Hips; Torso girth; Shoulder width; Sleeve length; Height; Weight

If you would like to change the dress skirt to either full cut or asymmetrical dance skirt, we also need the dress length measurements on both the long and short sides as shown in the picture below.

If you want to add custom made performance gloves to match the dress color, please provide us these measurements: Palm length; Palm circumference; Middle finger length.

 To add pants to the order of skating costume, please provide Thigh circumference; Inseam length; and outseam length.

Please note that we will build in 0.5-1cm wide buffer lines on both sides of the dress. You can easily open up those buffer lines from the inside to increase the size of the dress to fit the growing skaters through the whole season. 


We understand that everyone is unique and may have different needs when it comes to figure skating dresses. If you have any additional measurements or specific requirements that you think are important for us to know, e.g. armhole girth, wrist size, etc. please feel free to provide them. 


2. Can I request to customize the color of the listing dress or ask for darker/lighter mesh fabric to match my skin color tone?

If you want a different color than the listing dress, please let us know in the "additional comments" section. Please send the color sample you want to us at so we can find matching color fabrics or print the fabric in the color you want. 

We can also customize the mesh fabric color to match your skin color tone. Please use the mesh color palette to choose the color you want. 

Please note: because every Skating Spirit dress is manually made and decorated, the dress we made for you will marginally vary in color and decoration from the listing dress. Due to the many variations in monitors, browsers, and phone screens, the color of dresses may appear different on different screens.


3. What's the production timeline for customized figure skating dresses?

The standard production time for customized figure skating dresses is 6-8 weeks. We also offer fast (4-6 weeks) and rush production (3-4 weeks) for additional fee. We normally will share pictures or short videos of the dress to give customers a preview of the product before shipment. 


4. What are asymmetrical and full-cut dance skirts? 

Most of our figure skating dresses have symmetrical short skirts. We also provide option to change it to asymmetrical dance skirt (one side shorter than the other) or full-cut dance skirt (one inch above the knee in the front while one inch below the knee in the back - the difference between the front and back of the dress is usually about 5 inches or 10 centimeters including a few inches for the length of the knee).


5. How to apply rhinestones with an iron? 

Preheat The Iron:

Preheat the iron to a high setting. Turn off the steam. 

Preparing The Rhinestones:

Place the cloth or fabric on a firm, flat surface. Before applying the rhinestone, insert a piece of paper between the front and back of the garment so the glue will not seep through the backside of the garment.

On the back (bottom) of each rhinestone is a heat-sensitive glue. Inspect the rhinestone designs and decide where you want to place them in the fabric. Make sure you are happy with where you want to place the rhinestones because once ironed they are attached permanently to the fabric.

Ironing The Rhinestones:

Cover the rhinestones with a piece of cotton cloth and iron the rhinestones with a firm, even pressure. Do not move or slide the iron. Heat all areas for about 15 to 30 seconds depending on the size of the rhinestones and design, larger rhinestones take more time. Reposition the iron once or twice when you think some parts of the design did not receive heat pressure.

Let the rhinestones cool to room temperature. If any rhinestones become loose, re-iron the areas where the rhinestones were lifted. To make sure that all rhinestones are firmly in place, turn the garment inside out and iron briefly from the back of the fabric. To prolong the life of your rhinestone clothes, machine-wash it inside-out on a gentle cycle with cold water and hang to dry.

Apply rhinestones using hotfix applicator.

If you only need to attach a few rhinestones, it's better to use a hotfix applicator.