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Our Story

I am a mother of two lovely daughters. They have been competitive figure skaters and ice dancers for over five years, and they are very passionate about their sport. However, as a mother, I always worry about the risk of them getting injured when falling on ice. I have been trying to search for protective gear for them but found that most products on the market were either too bulky and heavy, or not very effective in protection. So I decided to custom make our own gear, such as training clothes, butt pad, and gloves based on the girls’ skating experiences, and this feedback is what drives the creations. The products not only look beautiful and elegant but also perform well in reducing the risk of injury. My daughters love their own gear and feel much more confident on the ice as a result.

My daughters also don’t take the fact that their father and I can support this expensive pastime for granted.  One day, they were discussing how unfortunate it was that yet another one of their friends had to drop out of skating due to the financial hardship placed on the family. They asked me if there was something we could do for them. As their mother, I knew it was important to foster a sense of philanthropy in my children. I was pleased my girls wanted to help their peers, so we sat down as a family and brainstormed ideas. My daughters suggested that we could sell the figure skating gear I designed and use the profit to help those skaters in need. That is when Skating Spirit was born!

Since Skating Spirit was created out of my daughters’ desire to give back to the sport, you will see them modeling many of the products we sell, but only after they have thoroughly tested them out first. They do not want to share anything that they cannot get behind. They have also contributed many design ideas.

One of the most overwhelming aspects of a figure skater’s competition prep is finding the right dress. Therefore, in addition to offering figure skating protection gear and accessories, we also want to streamline the entire process to alleviate some of the pressure away from skating parents. 

Figure skating is both a fun and a beautiful sport that not only promotes physical fitness but also inspires skaters to pursue excellence, build confidence, and uphold a more positive outlook in life. Ultimately, our goal is to open this opportunity up to anyone who has the motivation and desire to skate. Therefore, we commit to donate profits to ice skating-related nonprofit charity organizations that help removing the social and economic barriers for ice skaters. This includes beginners all the way up to those pursuing their dreams of competing. My daughters would love to see skating become more accessible and with your help, we can accomplish this.

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