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Our Story

I am a mother of two figure skating daughters. My girls began at age 4 and have now skated for more than 5 years. They are learning free skating and ice dancing. I am a big fan of ice skating too. However, as a mother, I always worry about the risk of them getting injured when falling on ice. I have been trying to search for protective gear for them but found that most products on the market were either too bulky and heavy, or not very effective in protection. So I decided to custom make our own gear, such as training clothes, butt pad, and gloves, based on my daughters' own skating experience and their feedback. The products not only look beautiful and elegant but also perform well in reducing the risk of injury. My daughters love their own gear and feel much more confident on ice.

Also, with so many competitions, tests, and performances each year, I need to get customized dresses for my girls. It’s a very difficult and cumbersome process to find good quality dresses that fit my daughters’ sizes, as well as the music of their performances. The competition dresses are always very expensive. After years of research and comparison, I partnered with a few high quality and reliable suppliers to custom make beautiful and reasonably priced figure skating dresses.  We want to make the whole process easier and take pressure away from all skating moms.

Ice Skating is a fun and beautiful sport that not only gives people a way to be physically fit and maintain an active lifestyle, but also inspire them to pursue excellence, build confidence, and uphold a more positive outlook in life. Therefore, our vision is to cultivate the true Skating Spirit of all skaters – Skate with Confidence, Skate with Courage, and Skate with Trust.

As moms of figure skaters know, skating is also a quite expensive sport. There are many costs such as coach fees, ice time fees, equipment, costumes, music, travel, etc. High cost is a major hurdle facing many skaters. Being an ice skating mom for many years, I know a lot of very talented kids with great interest in ice skating but their families are under heavy pressure financially to support them. My two daughters always feel very lucky to have their parents’ support, and they also want to help other skaters if possible.

Therefore all profits from Skating Spirit products will be donated to ice skating related nonprofit charity organizations committed to removing the social and economic barriers for ice skating beginners, and providing financial support to talented skaters to fulfill their dreams.